Russia with RN1CR

Russia with RN1CR

Good afternoon!
I am glad that you are visiting my site and paying your attention to my text. Well, I’d like to offer you something that can really impress you.
My name is Igor Lisovskiy.

Floating around the radio broadcast I’m known as RN1CR (R1CA-Club station). I’m sure that we probably met during the ether before. I’m 44 years old and I have been doing HamRadio for 20 years. Also, during these years I have been travelling on my car, exploring the world, enjoying the nature and doing various water activities. I’m a versatile person and I can easily combine a lot of activities. Passion to travelling, adventure, visiting various landmarks of Russia, fishing — all of it is available for me, but unfortunately inaccessible for you. I want to correct it and show you various picturesque views of Russia, so I invite you to visit a little wild and non-touristic Russia.
You can choose any strongholds of various regions such as Leningrad region, Pskov region and republic of Karelia.

Your choice is up to you.
For radio-travelling available:
-The island of the Gulf of Finland (RRC);
-The strongholds of Russia(RCA/WCA);
-Nature reserves(RFF);
-The lighthouses();
-Areas of RDA.

Do you enjoy active holiday? If so, we can offer you:
-River rafting on the Vuoksa river using the special equipment — a kayak
— Ice fishing
— Visiting the rocky archipelago of the lake Ladoga
You can always combine all your obsessions and wishes during only one trip.

I have started me project recently and I am developing it actively now. I will try to do my best to make your journey and holiday unforgettable and,of course, safe.
Well, you can write me in order to discuss all issues about the travelling which was created in order to diversify your and your friends’ lives.
Explore the significant places of Russia with RN1CR
Your sincerely, Igor Lisovskiy (RN1CR)